Sunday, August 12, 2012

Back to Life, Back to Reality....

It wasn't until I uploaded my pics just now that I realized what a super slacker blogger I really am. I have GOT to get back in the swing of things. Life as I've known it for the past 2 months is officially over.  I'm back to work.  And not just regular 'ole back to work, I'm new school, new grade, don't have the slightest idea what I'm doing back to work.  Overwhelming is the understatement of the week.  But, before we get to all of that business, let's do a quick recap of my last 2 weeks as a stay at home superstar Mama, shall we?

We've spent A LOT of time in our pool this summer.  I think that Bill and I both sort of decided that it's here, it's wonderful and we should use it.  So we have.  I've also decided that poolside is my "resting spot".  If I decide that I'm going to take a 5 minute sit, I do it in my bathing suit.  Sunshine is good for the soul. 

One of the local churches, Harmony Freewill Baptist, puts on a huge VBS each summer.  
Here are Chlo with her BFF's Maddie and JamiLyn enjoying a hay ride. 

They also have one of our local talents, Gary Boothe, the "balloon man".  
What 6 year old tells the "balloon man" she'd like "a scuba diver suit, please".  Only mine.

I also decided that, even though it was 2 months late, the girls were having a birthday party this year.  So, that's exactly what we did! Pool, sun, pizza, cake, fun.  Least stressful party I've ever hosted.  And probably the best.  The girls were thrilled, which was ALL that mattered.  And Mama didn't have a panic attack getting things ready.  Here's Chlo with her girl (and my cousin and BFF) Chanda. 

Chloe's cake...she wanted a mermaid, but settled for octopus and shark. :)

Hanna's volleyball cake...Let me go off on a cake tangent for a moment.  K's Sweet Shop, which is owned by one of my school friends, Kelly Ross, made the girl's cakes for me.  They were, hands down, the best things anyone had ever tasted.  Not normal birthday cake cake.  Like, you could taste the real butter and flour, cake.  And they were adorable to boot.  If you need a cake (or any other sweet), she's your girl.  

Can I tell you how much I love these two?  I can't imagine moving to this new school without them....

Our church has a Back to School Sunday where our pastor preaches his sermon to the kiddos and then they have a prayer together.  It's, by far, my favorite service of the year.  It just gives me such a feeling of peace knowing that my girls (and the rest of our church kiddos) are heading back to school with the prayers of so many who love them.  This picture absolutely melts my heart. 

I've been working my guts out on my new classroom.  We are talking working 12 or more hours a day.  It's tough to move to a new school when you have as much stuff as I do.  It's even harder when the teacher before you taught for 30 years and left her stuff, too.  But, the first day came and went, and I just decided that I was as ready as I ever could be.  

Night before first day of school dinner (per Hanna's request):  Chicken Parmesan Bake.  Pinterest find.  Totally delicious.  Recipe here.  Make it.

My girl reading The Night Before First Grade. And now I'm crying.  It is slowly killing me how precious she is and how quickly she's changing.  

Obligatory first day of school photo.  Hanna agreed to one.  This is it.  Gosh, I love them. 

Favorite picture ever.  Discussing their "first days".  

First grade is super exhausting...for kids and teachers.  I came home the first day, took 3 Advil and hit the couch.  Maybe I'm out of practice.  Maybe it was all of the stress that got to me.  Who knows.  But I could barely move the morning of the second day.  So then I thought "Maybe I'm too old to teach first grade?" However, my body is slowly, but surely, recovering.  I have 25 precious sweeties that I'm already in love with! I have a wonderful team of teachers who don't mind the 4,000 questions I ask daily about EVERYTHING.  I have a super supportive principal (who I just happen to be married to;) who let me cry it out Friday evening and then took the kids on home so I could have 5 minutes in the car alone.  Major changes.  But, I'm starting to feel that it's going to be OK.  If you ask me this past Wednesday, I don't know if I would've given you the same answer.   I've had lots of people sending lots of prayers my way and it's done the trick.

Now, heading to school to finish lesson plans, get the room ready for the kiddos tomorrow and then try to be a Mama the rest of the day....Happy Sunday! :)