Sunday, October 14, 2012

To Be Honest.....

To be honest, I've typed this particular post three times now.  First edition: so negative it made my stomach ache. Second edition:  no less negative, just stated in a sweeter way.  Then I started going through my photos since the last post and decided that I don't have one thing to gripe about.  OK, I actually have plenty to gripe about.  I'm exhausted, over scheduled, absolutely stressed to the point of no return.  Crying in the kitchen stressed.  Crying during my planning period alone in my classroom stressed.  My husband suggesting I take a day off this week because I "need" it stressed.  But, who isn't?  I tend to do things to myself (i.e. volunteering for whatever needs taken care of, deciding I'd rather do whatever myself than ask for help) and get myself to this point.  Something I have to work on for sure.  But, until then, I'll smile through, cry in private and deal.  It's life.  Alright, somewhat negative.  But nothing like what I was expecting you to sift through 10 minutes ago.  Thank me later.  

My Hanna Grace is growing up.  This is a whole other post all together.  We've been having a tough time lately.  I adore my child.  I promise I do.  But, I can't help but want to scream at the top of my lungs at her on a daily basis.  Please tell me I'm not the only one.  I can remember my mother and I fighting when I was her age, but for some reason, I don't think that it was anything like this (I'm sure I'm mistaken).  So, let me just end this mother of teenage girl pity party by saying she is beautiful, inside and out.  Sometimes, we just butt heads.  Life.  Period. 

She went to her Homecoming dance a few weeks ago.  I thought she was the prettiest thing there.  Biased.  Maybe.  But not really. 

I love that her dress was age appropriate, she wanted me to do her hair and makeup and she wanted to wear flats because you can "dance better".  
Can I just say I wish they made dresses with pockets when I was going to dances?

Hanna, her cousin Sabrina, and baby girl. 

Hanna has always looked like her Daddy.  Never like me.  However, I posted this pic and my best friend said "I can't believe I'm saying this.  She looks like you".  I love that we're standing the exact same way.  I guess she is her mother's daughter sometimes.  

I took Chlo on a hot date to see "Finding Nemo", which I was just as excited about as she was.  One of my all time favorites.  She lasted for most of the date.  

My kiddos have been working on looking at numbers as a group of five plus some more.  We illustrated a number to show our understanding.  They're really doing a great job!

The reason I teach.  

My teaching friend, Ron Maynard, is a caving and bat expert.  He did a little presentation for the kiddos to kick off my bat unit I'm starting this week.  You can only imagine how excited they were with this! 

We've been cheering on The Herd at the Preece house.  I love this picture.  Every MU game, I make Gray, Hanna and Chlo stand and let me take their pic.  This has been a tradition since Hanna and Grayson's first MU game when they were two.  Look at the faces I get.  

This picture basically sums up their relationship.  She absolutely adores him.  And he secretly adores her.  It's the big brother, little sister relationship in a nutshell.  

My husband, the low country boil tailgate cooking king. 

Hanna has the BEST group of friends.  Can you tell she's a bit of a tomboy? 

I'll leave you with a Chloe photo bomb:) 

Wishing everyone a less stressed week.....