Sunday, November 25, 2012

I stink.....

Alright, not literally.  But metaphorically, I'm one big pile of loserness when it comes to my blog.  My sweet little blog that I cared for so much at the beginning has been put in the backseat.  When I have to make a priorities list, unfortunately homework for my Master's (which is ALMOST finished, praise Jesus!) beats blog every time.  But not this morning.  When a sweet teenage cousin texts you and says "Update your blog! It's been a month!", that little push alone makes all of the difference.

I was going to start with what's going on lately, but I realized it really had been OVER a month, and Halloween pics never got posted.  So, this is going to be a gigantic photo album of randomness (which I'm sure you'll appreciate more than my ramblings).

Costume #1 of 3 this year....
Book Character Day at school = Junie B. Jones 
(I think the author based Junie B. on joke.  If I ever hear that there's making a movie version, I'm on a plane to LA ASAP for her audition).

Hanna's too cool to dress up (middle school and all).  However, her fantastic reading teacher held a "Reaping Day" so the kiddos got in on The Hunger Games action.  

You can't really tell how cute she looked in this picture, bow and arrow and all.  

Being the silly, ridiculous teacher that I am, I went with a book character that my kids are currently obsessed with--Fancy Nancy.  They were so tickled, that it made the red, itchy, too little wig (you'll see it again in a second on a much smaller head!) all worth it.  One of my BFF's, Ginny, came to school looking very normal.  However, she got "sick" while the kids were in computer lab, and their substitute, Viola Swamp, showed up.  She made 2 kindergarten kiddos cry.  Because that's how we roll. 

Costume #2, wig-sighting #2
Trick or Treat in Huntington (where my parents live) as Merida the Brave. 

Costume #3
Hanna's Pocahontas costume from this age, which was found in the bottom of the coat closet that very morning.  She told me she's actually "Pocahontas's sister" because she was blonde. 

Trick or Treat, round 2. 
Hannah, Chloe and Ava. 
BFD's (Best Friend Daughters) 

Since Chloe's just 6, we decided it would be a good time for her to sleep in her own bed.  This lasted a week.  As we speak, she's in the middle of my king size and Bill's on the couch.  Fun times.  

I made the mistake of trying to take a shower on Election Day and came out to this....a bowl full of sugar.  Exact words:
"You know better than to try to take a shower, Mom."

Chlo and I, rocking our vote. 

Remainder of Election Day was spent blowing, raking, hauling leaves.  The first of FIVE times. Grrr.....

Reese got in on the action, too. 

I spent last weekend chaperoning the kiddos from Hanna's BETA Club at their State Competition.  It was actually a wonderful time.  This is Hanna and her buddy, Rileigh.  You can see the kids are holding photos, etc.  BETA is an academic service organization and I was super impressed by the caliber of kids that are invited.  The kids compete in crafts (like photography and cross stitch, just to name a few), as well as academic testing.  I was super duper proud of my girl! 

The rest of the WMS crew the night of awards....

And, I really have no pictures of Thanksgiving.  Because my sister in law usually takes enough for 10 families and I just relaxed for a minute.  So, I'll leave you with this mantle pic.  My favorite time of the year. Period. 

I pinky-swear (as my blogging friend, Nicky, says) that I'll be back sooner the next time.  Two more assignments for this semester then I'm FREE until January!! Two more semesters and then I'm FREE forever!