Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My Oprah Moment (that didn't involve Oprah)

Again, I'm letting this blogging thing get away from me.  But summer is meant for relaxation, right?  Still doing a lot of chilling out here in WV, but with actual goals and to-do lists that must be accomplished.  It is hard for me to believe that I go back to work next week.  Like exactly one week from this very moment.  I say it every year, but this summer has flown by.  But, I must say, it has been one of the best we've had in a while.  Absolutely, positively relaxed and loving.  I couldn't have wished for a better two months.

Gratuitous cute kid pic to start...She had me playing dolphin and whale rescue doctor in the pool the other afternoon.  Floating gurney and all.  Peanut stuck in the blowhole was the diagnosis.  
I really laughed until my stomach hurt. 

I love this picture.  That's BFF Lisa on the left and Dr. Jorea Marple, our state superintendent of schools in the center.  Lisa and I had the privilege of attending our state's Teacher Leadership Academy last week in Morgantown.  Dr. Marple is wonderful! She started our session by dancing--like all 300 people in the room up and dancing.  She's way into healthy living and fitness in the classroom, which I admire greatly.  It was, by far, the best professional conference I've ever attended.  Which leads to my Oprah moment....

On the last day of the conference, in the afternoon, we were sharing some of our favorite resources to use in the classroom.  Folks who know me know I'm not a speck shy, so I went first.  Mind you, we have been in the same room all week with the same 50 people in our group.  I begin talking about this wonderful blog called, which follows our reading series.  All of a sudden, this lady in the back raises her hand and says "That's my blog! I'm Mrs. Settle!".  Well, of course, me being me, I scream and run to the back of the room to hug her neck! The entire room started cheering and I couldn't catch my breath for a second.  What were the odds, really?  It was amazing! We talked afterward, and I thanked her for being an inspiration.  She thanked me for using her blog.  I made a new friend.  One of those moments that you live for, for sure.  I couldn't believe this was happening to me! :)

The week was absolutely even better because I got to spend it with Lisa.  She and I have been friends for about 5 years now.  I probably wouldn't have went if she hadn't.  But, I'm so glad we did! We spent the week getting inspired, eating GREAT, walking every evening and even doing a little shopping.  Our county office rep was Debbie, who used to teach with us, so it made for a great week.  I couldn't do a sit-up if I wanted all week because my stomach hurt so much from laughing.  I missed my husband and kiddos terribly, but all Mamas need a little time now and then.  I snapped this picture on one of our evening walks...

You can't see really well, but this little couple is around 80 years old.  They came out of one of the local bars, holding hands.  I started crying as we were walking behind them....that's Bill and I in 50 years.  Enough said.  I sent him the pic and he felt the exact same way.  Goodness, I love that man. 

I've started working in my NEW classroom a little bit, too.  I'm taking a retired teacher's place, so there's about 30 years worth of stuff to sort through.  It's been overwhelming at times, but I'm ready to get in there and make it my own.  Of course, the girls have been helping out.  This is what happens when Chlo insists on opening her ketchup during a Wendy's picnic in your classroom:

  That would be mermaid makeup under all of the ketchup.  
I also love the chicken nugget hanging out of her mouth.  

I'll end this way-to-long post here because it is MOVING IN day at Wayne Elementary! Get ready--plenty of before and after pics coming your way! I'll leave you with this amazing photo I took of the longest rainbow I've ever seen.  Bill came in the house yelling for us to come look at this the other day.  I can't help but think there are good things headed my way when I see this...

Happy almost end of summer vacation! :)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


I know that I've been super lax when it comes to being an "updater".  Here's the deal:  I'm thoroughly enjoying my summer with my family.  Period.  I told myself that I was going to become a super teacher extraordinaire this summer, and create 1001 packets for TpT, but it just hasn't happened yet.  Between regular, normal life stuff, I've felt like this was the summer to love my kids, my husband and my home (a little bit;).  So, what you see is what you get. What have I been doing all summer, you ask?

Making lots of breakfast...because I can. 

And dinner. Thanks Cara Carroll for the recipe to these absolutely awesome stuffed peppers! 

Teaching my children the importance of child labor....

Loving on Miss Daisy, who may or may not be pregnant at the moment (the jury is still out)...

Dealing with the great power outage of 2012 in WV by throwing away $500 in food and 
creating a spotless refrigerator.  I just made myself a little bit sick....

Making memories with the best friends a girl could ask for.....

Lara and I have the BEST time, no matter what the occasion 
(which may or may not have included Channing Tatum on this outing;)

For my sweet hubby's 40th, I surprised him with 2 days at the Greenbrier Classic in White Sulphur Springs, WV.  We spent the 4th hanging with friends watching Lionel Richie and Toby Keith.  
One of the best concerts ev-ah! 

Thank goodness our friends Tish and Missy were camping there for the week and saved super seats and let us hang at their camper while traffic cleared out.  One of the best nights I've ever had:)

And the next day....well, you're not supposed to take photos at the tournament. 
 But, when Tiger is 5 feet from you, you break the law.  

This past weekend was my favorite of the summer.  No schedule.  No worries.  
Just chilling with my loves.  I love it when they get along for 2 seconds....

Gratuitous crack picture...couldn't help myself.  

Another 2 seconds of getting along.  These are the moments I live for....

Now that you're on picture overload, I think we're all caught up....This is Bill's last week before he has to go back to work, so I'm trying to spend it making him not miserable to go back to work.  I'm prepping for a week of common core standards work (those of you who aren't teachers, this is something that would be boring to most except super nerds like me) and TRYING to work on my classroom...but just a little bit.  I'm on summer break, or have you forgotten?