Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fun In the Sun

After a few weeks of thinking our pool was going to be a thing of the past this summer, I am happy to report that we are up and running!  After replacing our VERY old, VERY ugly liner (thank you, Mr. Pat, our new best friend!) and replacing a part on our pump, we are now the once-again happy owners of a pool.  A wonderful, gorgeous pool to be exact.  I can't reiterate how wonderful it is to hang out with your buddies by your very own pool, not worrying if you're sucking in your gut at the moment or if your kids are OK.  Because it's your house! Who cares if you have a fat roll hanging out or if the kids go in and come back out 15 times in the afternoon?  I must say, I am one blessed girl.  We've probably gotten more enjoyment out of our backyard this year than we have in all of the years put together.  We're not taking a major vacation this summer, so this is it.  And we are definitely making the most of it.

This is, by far, one of the funniest pictures I've ever taken.  I told Chloe and Tanner to look at me and smile, and this is what I got.  "Jersey Shore", Craig Road style.  

Another great thing about having your own pool?  Swimming in the rain! 

I adore this pic (and the most-of-the-time sweet girl in it:)

Only a face a mother could love, right?  I told her she looks like Squidward in these goggles:) 

I'll say goodbye as I sit here in my bathing suit at my breakfast table gazing out the window at my sweet backyard.  Thinking of Pinterest projecting this afternoon....or sitting in the sun a little longer. :)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

My Birthday Boy

So, my sweet husband is now a 40 year old man.  It's really true.  The sweet 25-year old boy that I met at my aunt and uncle's house through a completely obvious set-up 15 years ago just celebrated a huge milestone.  And, me being the wife I am, could not let it pass without celebration (I'm still 33, remember?)

To say that Bill had been pouting about the big 4-0 for the last few weeks was the understatement of the year.  Do you know how hard it is to hold your tongue when your hubby is being super pout-butt about his birthday and you have been KILLING yourself getting his party together?  Agony.  But ALL worth it agony.

So, to the big surprise.....Bill's lifelong best friend, John, and I cooked up a golf outing for them, along with 2 other life long buddies.  I have to throw this in--my husband has the best friendships.  Like they've been friends for over 30 years and are still as close as they were in high school.  That just doesn't happen in today's world and he knows how blessed he is.  Now, on with the party....

Todd just happened to pick him up for golf that morning....hmmmm...suspicious? :)

Anxiously awaiting his reaction....

"What have you done?"  

Hugging his sweet Mama while his Dad, Bob, grins in the background

I think he loves me just a little ;)  And, yes, that's my signature tongue sticking out smile, 
usually because I can't quit talking long enough for a photo....

Let the festivities begin! Nothing better than food, drink and friends....

Completely Pinterest-inspired "40" photo decoration....

Cornhole, anyone? (That's my sis-in-law, Kim, who was also the photographer.  
What would I do without her?!)

Jeff, Todd, Steve and Bill, winding down....

I must just say that although I was absolutely exhausted, not only from the planning and cleaning aspect of the party, but from the holding in this huge secret, I would do it again in a heartbeat.  Like right this second.  To say I adore this man is like saying you like peanut butter.  He's a part of me.  We have been through thick and thin, and have come out loving one another hard on the other side.  OK, enough with the lovey-dovey gag-a-maggot sweetness.  You get the point.

Hopefully, 40 will be a little easier to swallow now.....

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Birthday Girls

So, I stink.  I've really neglected my little blog lately in lieu of more pressing matters, like cleaning and yard sales and beginning to pack my classroom to move it to its new little home.  When I updated my phone and dumped my photos, I had 77!  77!  Usually it's 5, 10 at the most.  That just showed me I was a complete and total slacker.  Here's a little recap of what we've been up to in the past few weeks.....

Chloe is officially a first grader. Sniff, sniff!  She had her awards ceremony and was the cutest thing around town.  She also received an award for Faithful Attendance.  When your Dad's the principal and your Mom's a teacher, you really have no choice but to go to school everyday,huh?!  If it wasn't for the stupid stomach virus, she would have been perfect! 

Chlo with Mrs. Jamie, her classroom aide, and Mrs. Thompson, her teacher.  Eva and Bill have been friends since middle school so it was easy leaving my baby girl everyday knowing she was with these 
two wonderful women. 

Hanna Grace is now 12.  Deep breath.  I cannot believe that this child is a year away from being an official teenager.  I see her growing and changing into a young woman everyday and it gives me goosebumps! Goodness, I love her! :)

We went to Hibachi Japanese Steakhouse to celebrate.  Chloe kept saying "Wow! 
This guy has food talent!"  

She wanted a chocolate torte for her birthday cake.  
I know it's not the prettiest thing, but, wow, it was GREAT! 

T-Ball ended for Chloe last week.  More importantly, they had Icee's in the concession stand.  Here are my friends Meagan and Wade's sweet girls, Carleigh and Karmen, and my other friends, Michael and April's daughters, Ayden and Kylee, with Chloe, loving life! 

Yesterday was baby girl's birthday.  This was taken around 9 a.m.  Our pool literally feels like it is filled with ice cubes.  However, according to Chloe, "On my birthday I get to do whatever I want.  So I want to swim.  Before breakfast."  So, there you go....

"I want to eat Cheetos for breakfast.  Because it's my birthday and you have to let me do what I want."  Seeing that orange dust all over that towel makes me gag. 

We let Chloe choose where she wanted lunch.  She chose Tenampa, our favorite little Mexican restaurant.  This was more about the sombrero and ice cream they smear on your nose instead of the food, but she was happy.  So everyone else was, too.  

We ended the night with more swimming, hot dogs and homemade Whoopie Pies (I know, my kids ask for the weirdest treats on their birthdays!)  

Are you tired of seeing a million pictures of my kids yet?  I promise next post will come MUCH sooner! We've been doing MAJOR renovations at our pool and patio, so get ready for lots of pics! Happy Sunday!