Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A little, baby update...

Only my friends from Genoa will get the title of this post.  No, no babies here.  Just a little inside joke between some of the BEST friends a girl could ask for.

Short and sweet.  No soda for a full week.  Watching every bite I put in my mouth.  Not dead yet.  They say that doing it my way is the wrong way and that you have to ease into diets, don't over analyze.  Not me.  Balls to the wall or nothing at all.  Yep, I really just said that.  Anyhow, ran yesterday.  Again, still alive.  I've also inspired something in Bill to hit the treadmill.  He's taking 40 a tad harder than I ever imagined, so I think his treadmill time is helping a little.  Thank goodness.  A pouting man is a tough thing to handle.

After my non-PC styling above, I can't believe I'm talking about God and church in the next breath.  Let me just say that this resolution has been a wonderful choice.  Reading every morning and evening have been key.  Starting and ending the day with God.  Making time to meditate.  Texting my church girls everyday for a little boost (both ways).  Praying with my girls on the way to school every morning.  All is well with my soul.

My house is still reasonably clean and my laundry is caught up.  This is HUGE.  Usually, I'll kill myself and within 3 days it looks like we live in a condemned building.  Instead, I've been taking 20 minutes every evening and doing a clean sweep.  Loading and running the dishwasher in the morning is keeping my kitchen cleaner than ever.  Praying that I keep this up--I'm a happier person when I don't live in filth.

Promising pics next post...I know you're sick of hearing from me 
and not seeing the faces of my mostly sweet girls....

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  1. Amanda! I'm replying to your comment here! I am at Lavalette with Mrs. Kelly Bonar and Sara Clay in their co-teaching 5th grade classroom, then I will be with Mrs. Shelley Ball in 2nd grade. They didn't send ANY student teachers to Wayne!!!