Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A New Year....

It's officially the beginning of 2013.  When 2012 began, I embarked on what I decided was going to be the "year of Amanda", most pointedly getting healthy.  I quit pop, started eating healthy and started running....religiously.  And, then, like the best laid plans, it started to fizzle.  But, not without a heck of a fight.  I completed Couch to 5K TWICE, didn't drink a sip of Diet Coke until July and continued healthy eating for most of the year.  Then, I started a new job.  It all quickly fell apart.  I was drinking 2 huge Diet Cokes a day just to survive.  Working out never.  Eating whatever I could shove in my mouth in the 5 free minutes I had for a "lunch".  I did have some success.  I lost 30 pounds overall, but have since gained back 20 of it.  My body does a good job of hiding the fat (I credit big boobs), but it's definitely there.  As I'm getting older, I see it sagging and bagging in new spots, too.  So, to begin 2013, I'm making new resolutions.  People say the worst times to make them are at the new year, but not for me.  I look at January 1 as a new beginning, clean slate, get out of jail free card.  So, as a back up plan, to hold me accountable when times get tough, I'm baring it all.  Putting it all out there.  I'm doing this in hopes that you'll back me up.  Be my cheering section.  I'm taking before pics tomorrow, however, I'm not comfortable in posting those just yet.  Baby steps.  But, I hope to do that before too long.  When I do, I'll know that I've made progress.  Again, baby steps.

My second goal is to grow in my relationship with God.  I have to read my Bible more.  I have to pray more.  I have to study more.  These are not ideas to be taken lightly.  I feel that my relationship with the Lord grows each day, each year.  It's a maturing relationship.  I am blessed to have the BEST church and church family that a girl could ask for guiding my path.  I have a mother in law who is one of the best Christian women that I've had the opportunity to know, who could not be more supportive.  I see this goal being an easily attainable one.

As for my third goal, it's still up in the air.  Come back to me on that one.

I heard today that what you do on January 1st guides the remainder of your year.  I prayed, I cooked, I cleaned like a crazy woman, I had great time with my loves and had a wonderful dinner with my in-laws.  If this is any indicator of what 2013 will bring, I'm ready.  Bring it on.

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  1. I am a "resolutioner" as well... heres to 2013 and both of us reaching our goals!!!

    oh... and to our book club... even if it is just a thought. LOL.